Ifold has a project to implement superfast gigabit fibre broadband (FTTP) via Openreach's Community Fibre Partnership.
Funding is provided by Gov.uk Dept for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) through their Rural Gigabit Voucher Scheme

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Our 12-Step Plan:

  1. Campaign the community via Facebook, leaflets & posters Check

  2. Residents register interest via the sign-up form, achieve critical mass Check

  3. Submit initial list to Openreach to create a roll-out plan Check

  4. Review & amend plan as needed (increased to 592 properties) Check

  5. Receive final build cost from Openreach (£558k total) Check

  6. Apply to DCMS for grants (vouchers) to cover the build cost +30% headroom Check

  7. Openreach setup a website for residents to pledge their vouchers to the project Check

  8. More leaflets and campaigning Check

  9. Close the pledge website and submit to DCMS 25th July

  10. Openreach deliver infrastructure as per the plan (all 592 properties)

  11. Residents upgrade to a 100Mbps+ service, provider makes the final connection to the house

  12. Openreach claims back the pledged vouchers for each upgraded property


Ifold gets 25 Mbps on average with FTTC, but could be above 100 Mbps with Gigabit-ready FTTP